Fish Eye

by Daniel Jamieson

A dark comedy about nosiness gone wild...

Someone's pinched Pam’s Elizabethan sideboard. So she signs up for her local Neighbourhood Watch. With the aid of her nephew who works in security, she swiftly graduates from curtain twitching to spy cameras hidden in hand-knitted novelties. But what Pam unearths only confirms what she already suspects - that everyone around her is a thief, a pervert or a terrorist (or perhaps all three) and that they are all on the verge of heinous crimes...

A sharp sideways look at what former Liberty Director Shami Chakrabarti describes as the issue of our times – how the relentless monitoring, collecting and hacking of every inch of our lives has run completely out of control.

For adults from 14+. Touring Autumn 2016 & Spring 2017

Fish Eye was commissioned by REACH, a project bringing new theatre to the North East managed by ARC Stockton and Dep Arts Ltd and funded by Arts Council England.