The Crowstarver (2006)

Based on the book by Dick King-Smith

2012 production details

One moonlit night on Outoverdown Farm, a baby is discovered with a note pinned to its shawl – "PLEASE SAVE THIS LAMB".
As Spider Sparrow grows up, everyone can see he’s not like other children. The mystery of his birth is only one thing that marks him out as special. He has an amazing way with animals - foxes, otters, horses. When Spider gets a job as a crowstarver, he’s even fond of the crows he must scare away from the newly sown wheat. But life can be tough for Spider, and danger is always a hair’s breadth away…

The Crowstarver was a co-production with The Lowry & Northcott Theatre

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Apple John

by Daniel Jamieson

The life story of a man called John. And an apple tree.

The story of a man and an apple tree are told side by side. Full of the usual things that lives contain - blizzards, bicycles, rock’n’roll, train sets, heatwaves, love, blossom, accidents, hurricanes, fruit, babies and false teeth. A delightful story told without the need to utter a single word.


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The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon

By David Almond

Adapted by Daniel Jamison

A magical tale of big ideas and sky-high courage...

Odd ideas are floating around Paul’s street; Mabel’s brother hides under a brown paper bag and Clarence the poodle thinks he can fly. But Paul has the oddest idea of all. He thinks that the moon is a hole in the sky and he’s going to climb into it...

A fantastical story by David Almond, award-winning writer of Skellig and My Dad’s A Birdman.

For 6 – 12 year olds │ touring spring 2018

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