The Crowstarver (2006)

Based on the book by Dick King-Smith

2012 production details

One moonlit night on Outoverdown Farm, a baby is discovered with a note pinned to its shawl – "PLEASE SAVE THIS LAMB".
As Spider Sparrow grows up, everyone can see he’s not like other children. The mystery of his birth is only one thing that marks him out as special. He has an amazing way with animals - foxes, otters, horses. When Spider gets a job as a crowstarver, he’s even fond of the crows he must scare away from the newly sown wheat. But life can be tough for Spider, and danger is always a hair’s breadth away…

The Crowstarver was a co-production with The Lowry & Northcott Theatre

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Table Mates

A new play by Daniel Jamieson

Three cooks, three very different lives. Each course tells a story.

Six O’clock comes and three weary workers return to their cosy abode. With the barest of hellos, they take off their coats and put on their chefs whites. They are Starter, Main and Pudding and each night, without fail, they cook each other a delicious meal. Starter makes starter, Main makes main and Pudding makes pudding.

They soon set to work in the kitchen, dancing round each other like Morecambe and Wise making breakfast. Starter fashions an exquisite nibble of microscopic, but mouthwatering delight. Main conjures a dish that carries her heart home on a whiff of basil and lime. Pudding steams a duff the size of a football, so no-one need fear going hungry. Three cooks, three very different lives. Each course tells a story.

Theatre Alibi combine vivid storytelling, live music and a good old boogie to bring this funny and creative household to life.

For 5–11 Year Olds | Touring Autumn 2018

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