One in A Million (2004)

David may look nothing special but he’s got "one in a million" written right through him.
He’s a gifted oddball - a busker who can sell a song like no-one else. But he’s barely opened his mouth in years, other than to sing, for fear of letting out his unspeakable secrets. He’s completely alone in the world until a bizarre brush with the law sends him spiralling into the arms of an unlikely love.
A compelling story full of dark, silent comedy and bittersweet love songs.

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Apple John

by Daniel Jamieson

The life story of a man called John. And an apple tree.

The story of a man and an apple tree are told side by side. Full of the usual things that lives contain - blizzards, bicycles, rock’n’roll, train sets, heatwaves, love, blossom, accidents, hurricanes, fruit, babies and false teeth. A delightful story told without the need to utter a single word.


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The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon

By David Almond

Adapted by Daniel Jamison

A magical tale of big ideas and sky-high courage...

Odd ideas are floating around Paul’s street; Mabel’s brother hides under a brown paper bag and Clarence the poodle thinks he can fly. But Paul has the oddest idea of all. He thinks that the moon is a hole in the sky and he’s going to climb into it...

A fantastical story by David Almond, award-winning writer of Skellig and My Dad’s A Birdman.

For 6 – 12 year olds │ touring spring 2018

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