A Flying Visit (2010)

For 5-11 year olds. By Daniel Jamieson.

Set Model

Trina Bramman designed our set for A Flying Visit and made the set model you can see on this page. Trina's design was inspired by paper sculpture and early flying machines. The set model is made to scale to help our set builder Allan Veal make the real set out of steel, wood and canvas. Our set painter Vicky Norton uses the set model to tell her what colours she needs and the effect that Trina is looking for. Trina also made the miniature figures you can see. Some theatre designers use ready-made figures on their set models but Trina has always made her own. She makes the figures out of wire first, then models them with flesh-coloured Fimo. She adds clothes made out of paper before painting the figures and attaching them to a penny to help them stand up.

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