The Crowstarver (2012)

From the award-winning novel by Dick King-Smith.

2006 production details

The Crowstarver is a gripping and moving story set in a close-knit rural community in the early days of the Second World War. When a baby is found abandoned in a lambing pen he is adopted by the shepherd Tom Sparrow and his wife Kathy. As the boy grows up it’s clear to everyone that the mystery of his birth is not the only thing about him that’s special. John Joseph turns out to have an extraordinary gift with animals of all kinds. Foxes will eat out of his hand, hares and otters come close and he can even gentle a bucking bronco in true horse whisperer style. As the years pass, being different means John faces threats of all kinds, from ignorance and prejudice to the war itself, which brings its own share of tragedy. Full of unforgettable characters and scenes The Crowstarver combines an inspiring and heart-warming story with powerful performances, beguiling animal puppets and a stunning live score.

First brought triumphantly to the stage by Theatre Alibi in 2006, The Crowstarver toured again to delight a whole new audience of adults and young people from eight upwards.

A co-production with Exeter Northcott Theatre & Oxford Playhouse.

Behind the Scenes (pdf)

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