Lost and Found

For 5-11 year olds

What People Said

"Magic in more than one sense is on display in this exceptional piece of storytelling"

"Theatre Alibi never talks down to, or patronises its young audience and this must have much to do with its success. Although this production was challenging and asked those watching to use their imagination, from going on a cycle ride with only a set of handlebars for company to travelling across different time zones, it was storytelling at its best. I doubt if I was the only one who left filled with wonder."

"The best children’s play I have seen. It took the children outside their comfort zone and tackled issues they aren’t normally trusted to consider."

"What makes Alibi so much better than other visiting theatre companies is that you never play for laughs. You tell stories, with humour included, but you take your audience to a higher level of enchantment and emotion."

"I just wanted to say how much my son and I enjoyed Last & Found. We were absolutely blown away by it."

"The show was great. Rich in theme, expressive in performance and emotional in content."

"This evening I was in tears as I watched your beautiful story told so cleverly and clearly. You produce something miraculous and necessary."

"The experience you gave staff and children was truly amazing. Hearts and minds were touched by what was an outstanding piece of theatre."

"One of the best drama productions I have seen here in over 30 years. Very clever, moving and providing a vast amount of educational value."

"A really beautiful piece. The care with which it was put together was so evident- at no point would a child have been left anxious or unsure even though the issues dealt with were so challenging. The cello music and song added an amazing depth and poignancy."

"Absolutely first-rate theatre - excellent educational value but also a thoughtful and inspiring piece for all ages."

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