The Ministry Of Fear (2010)

by Graham Greene

Education Resources

Theatre Alibi has built an excellent reputation for its distinctive style of storytelling and high quality education package. This exciting adaptation of Graham Greene’s surreal masterpiece combines imaginative physical storytelling with innovative staging and a stunning live score.

Drama / Theatre Studies at GCSE, AS & and BTech Performing Arts
Age range from 14 upwards

Free Resource Pack
Click here to download a free resource pack for Ministry of Fear (pdf). It includes sections on the form and style of Theatre Alibi’s work, the adaptation process, rehearsal process, stagecraft, a detailed exploration of a particular moment in the production and practical exercises in theatrical storytelling.

DVD £20+ vat
A DVD recording of the production is available to enable students to study The Ministry of Fear in detail. Please contact to reserve your copy. The DVD will be available from March 2010.

Photos of Set Model for The Ministry of Fear
Designed by Trina Bramman
Photos by Elaine Faulkner

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