Teapot (2008)

By Daniel Jamieson. For 5-10 year olds.

Teapot 2002 production details

What People Said

"Theatre Alibi’s mastery of inventive, unpretentious storytelling enthralled the audience"
the herald

"I believe our children are very fortunate in experiencing such high quality theatre. Your stories stay with them for a long time, a reflection of their deep involvement. The support material that accompanied the production was also of very high quality and useful for follow-up work"
appledore community primary

"I have been watching and admiring your work since I was six years old."
audience member

"Our children were spellbound throughout. The storyline was well within the grasp of the youngest and yet extended the oldest emotionally."
sidbury primary

"A magical experience for all of us and a fantastic opportunity for pupils in a very small rural school to experience excellent theatre."
highhampton primary

"Superb! We’re always amazed at the staging tricks you have up your sleeve – the children were spellbound. In terms of educational value the children were able to discuss the story and we teachers were so inspired we rewrote our Literacy Plan."
kingsbridge community primary

"The production was inspiring and the children were able to access the content at many levels, thanks to the excellent acting and superb interpreter. It’s incredible to think that so few actors could provide such a versatile and visually stimulating production."
advisory teacher for deaf and hearing impaired children devon

"A fantastic opportunity for our pupils to see premier league theatre. A visit by Theatre Alibi is one of the highlights of our school year."
borington primary plympton

"Just to say how much my friend and I (both over 60) enjoyed Teapot."
audience member

"We cannot speak highly enough of the company and the production. The children (and staff) were enthralled, mesmerised and totally engrossed."
holsworthy primary

"The show was superb – imaginative, thought-provoking and inspiring."
bassets farm primary exmouth

"A marvellous starting point for story ideas that we teachers can integrate into the curriculum easily."
bolham primary

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