Arts Award Supporter

Theatre Alibi is an Arts Award Supporter organisation. We can offer young people opportunities to achieve the objectives of the Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver or Gold Arts Award in the following ways:

See & Review a Show

  • Theatre Alibi tours its work for five to eleven year olds to South West primary schools and theatres every autumn, giving children working towards Discover or Explore Awards a chance to see and review a production. Find out more about our tours here.
  • We perform our work for adults in arts centres and theatres across the country where young people working towards Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards can see and review our work. Find out what we’re touring here.

Find out about Theatre Alibi & the artists we work with

  • There’s a lot of information on this website about Theatre Alibi and how we work. If you’re doing the Discover or Explore Award, look out for Meet the Company opportunities after performances, so you can ask questions and get a closer look at props and puppets.
  • If you’re working for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award you can find out a lot of behind the scenes information about our productions online. There are interviews with artists, rehearsal blogs and footage alongside information about individual productions. See the Hammer & Tongs page for an example.
  • We offer post-show or pre-show talks with the cast and other artists when you can find out more about how the show was made and the artists involved.

Work with us

Do get in touch if there are other ways we may be able to support you and join our free mailing list so we can keep you posted on what we’re doing and where we’re touring.

You can find out more about Arts Award at

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