Our work for Secondary Schools & Colleges

Many secondary schools and colleges bring their Drama students to see Theatre Alibi's work for adult audiences. With its distinctive physical style and high level of storytelling skills, the work is ideal for GCSE Years 10 & 11, A/S and A2 Level students. Our free education packs and DVDs enable students to study shows in depth. Please click here for more information about how we can support pupils with special needs.

What Drama Teachers Say

"We took a large group of students to see Goucher’s War and wanted to tell you how much staff and students enjoyed it. I particularly found it useful as it challenges students’ stereotypes about what Drama is and had a strong and thought-provoking plot"

"We saw Goucher’s War last night and were astonished by how brilliant it was. The education resources are a teacher’s dream"

"I took a school group to see The Ministry of Fear and we all thought it was amazing! My students were mesmerised"

"We absolutely loved The Ministry of Fear. The education resources are just brilliant – accessible for students and well-written"

"I came with other students from my school to see The Crowstarver. We all thought it was amazing and were very inspired with ideas for our A Level pieces"

"I recently took a group of Year 10 students to see Cobbo and I just wanted to pass on the complete admiration we had for your production. My students were very inspired by it and the work and reviews they have produced as a result have been of very high quality. I’d also like to praise your excellent education resources that have made it easy for the students to access the production"

"Everyone (from year 10 to the Upper 6th) really enjoyed Cobbo. The energy and commitment of the acting, complemented by the impressionistic music and beautiful lighting design, all framed by the sweeping set, created a magical world that drew us all in. Your education resources show how Theatre Alibi really understand what Drama students need to take their experience of your shows with them into exam success"

"I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Spies. Having seen Caught last year we had high expectations of the production and we weren’t disappointed"

Education Packs

Education Packs include:

  • The script (reproducible for educational use only)
  • A look at the form and style of Alibi’s work
  • An introduction by the Writer to the ideas behind the show.
  • The rehearsal process from the points of view of director, designer, musicians and performers.
  • The exploration of a "moment" in theatre. Why are some ideas rejected and others chosen when Alibi makes a piece of theatre?
  • Stagecraft: a look at a moment when sound, light and design are particularly integral to telling the story.
  • Practical exercises in theatrical storytelling for use with students.

Our education packs are reproducible for study use only. Please also note that scripts are copyright and may not be used for performance. For performance rights please contact Theatre Alibi.

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We produce a DVD that is a complete recording of the production to enable students to study the production in depth. The DVD costs £22+vat.

Spies DVD

A DVD (two discs) of the production is available to enable students to study Spies in detail and learn more about the way it was made. As well as a full recording of the production, the DVD includes interviews with practitioners, giving a unique insight into Theatre Alibi’s working process.
Cost £27+ vat (includes p&p). Contact us to order a copy: info@theatrealibi.co.uk

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