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The Alibi Exchange: Magical Creatures


Each week, we’ll be setting you a special task. And we’d love to see the results. In exchange, we’ll make something based on the things you send us! It might be a film of one of us reading out a story you’ve written, or perhaps we’ll write a song inspired by some of your drawings, or create short script for the puppets you’ve made. There are so many possibilities!

This week we’d like you to create your own magical creature – just like the beautiful unicorn from our show above!

Here is Derek Frood, who lots of you will recognise, to tell you more.

We’d like you to create your own magical creature!

What does your magic creature look like? Where does it live? How is it feeling? Is it friendly? Is it scary? Is it playful? Does it have special powers?

Here are some things to do. Pick one (or more!) that you’d enjoy.

·         Draw a picture of your magical creature

·         Write a description of your magical creature

·         Write a short story about your magical creature

·         Draw a comic strip adventure featuring your magical creature

We would love to see what you’ve done and we’ll share lots of your magical creatures on the Theatre Alibi website. We’ll also make a few films of our actors reading out some of your stories and descriptions!

Send photographs or scanned versions of your drawing or writing to info@theatrealibi.co.uk.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you do!

To View some of the brilliant magical creatures we’ve been sent:


Thank you for sending them in!