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Alibi Exchange: Poetry and Illustrations

We asked our Associate Writer, Daniel Jamieson, to write us a poem that would make us smile. Then our Designer, Trina Bramman, drew some wonderful illustrations and the actor, Shaban Dar, filmed himself reading it out. Here’s the result. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Click here to read the ePicturebook of ‘I Can’t Go Out of my House Today’.

Or download the PDF here:

'I Can't Go Out of my House Today' by Daniel Jamieson, illustrated by Trina Bramman


Carry on the story…

The thing about this poem is that it doesn’t need to stop there! Imagine the food adventures that might be possible! Can you write another verse or two of the poem and draw some pictures to go with it? If you send them along to info@theatrealibi.co.uk, we’ll add them to our book and Shaban can read a few of them out. You may prefer to write your own poem from scratch or perhaps draw some pictures inspired by Daniel’s poem.

We’d love to see whatever you do.


If you’d like, you can follow the same pattern that Daniel did as he wrote the poem. Here’s how to do it:

Listen very carefully and you’ll be able to hear that there are:

FOUR beats in the first line

THREE beats in the second line

FOUR beats in the third line

And THREE beats in the fourth line.


I went to the land of pizza pie

And swam in a lake of cheese

I sat upon a crusty beach

And fished for anchovies.


There’s also a rhyming scheme, which you may have spotted.

The ends of the SECOND and FOURTH lines rhyme with each other:

I went to the land of pizza pie

And swam in a lake of cheese

I sat upon a crusty beach

And fished for anchovies.


We’re really looking forward to seeing where the poem goes to next!