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St Thomas is getting its very own brand new produce market! BUT not any old produce market, this one aims to be different….

As well as providing lots of lovely local, sustainable produce, the monthly Brillsville Market will also focus on community, resourcefulness and provisions. It will be a place where you can shop sustainably, supporting all those dedicated producers, traders, community growers and makers.

At this market there will also be a place where you can learn about repair and rejuvenation of everyday items; ‘Make Do And Mend’, something we all need to make more of an effort to do. We all know we should buy less ‘stuff’ and re-use and repair instead of discarding and replacing broken and faulty things but this is a hard thing to adhere to in an age of convenience. Brillsville Market will be the place you can get the support and advice you need to begin, or to maintain this shift in attitude. Each month we will be inviting local community initiatives such as Men In Sheds and the Ride On bike charity to be on hand to give advice and help with your repair needs.

Sophie Yeates, organiser of Brillsville Market, shares her thoughts behind the market: “St Thomas has an impressively strong sense of community, I’d go so far to argue that it almost has a village feel about it. The success of the Winter Market back in November 2021 cemented this belief and made me want to work harder to shine a spotlight and build on all the positive aspects of this area and in some way help support the people doing great things here. I hope Brillsville Market will provide a much needed monthly community hub in the heart of St Thomas. Come along to meet, shop and mend, and enjoy being a part of this brilliant community.”

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