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Bonjour Bob

By Daniel Jamieson

Bonjour Bob is the story of a very special friendship made possible by the sea…

Bob moved to the seaside to retire, but he got lonely and started talking to seagulls, who completely ignored him. One day he wrote “HELLO I’M BOB” on the sand and watched the tide wash it away. But when he returned the next morning, written on the fresh sand was, “BONJOURBOB, I’M JEAN-LUC“…

Publicity Image

Photos by Tim Cuff

Tour Dates

Tour dates coming soon... keep an eye on this page for details!


Cast: Chris Bianchi, Paul Curley & Derek Frood
Musician: Anna Scott

Writer: Daniel Jamieson
Director: Nikki Sved
Designer: Trina Bramman
Composer & Musical Director: Harry Napier

Enchanting, lyrical and perhaps the most imaginative Alibi show yet, Bonjour Bob holds audiences enthralle
Western Morning News
Theatre Alibi’s most imaginative and demanding show yet. It not only held all the children in its grasp but also the adults who accompanied them. It was totally engrossing
The Cornishman
A performance by Theatre Alibi is the perfect opportunity for our children to experience first class theatre
Appledore Primary

Writer's Note

Most of Planet earth is covered by sea. Really, there’s no Atlantic or Pacific, no Indian Ocean and China Sea – it’s all one, big sea curled right round the world. If you stand on a cliff and look out to sea, you know there’s nobody there for maybe a thousand miles. Shout all you like but nobody will hear you. Your little voice is swallowed by the vastness of the sea.

But before you get too cold and lonely up there, shouting away on your cliff top, come down and put your hand in the water lapping on the beach. Imagine someone like you on another beach on the far side of the ocean with their hand in the water too. Imagine the sea holding your hand and their hand at the same time and suddenly you’re just one pair of blue hands apart.

Daniel Jamieson