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Lost and Found

By Daniel Jamieson

The most special thing nine year old Radek Wawrowski owned was a beautiful silver watch that had once belonged to his grandfather, Albin. But one terrible day Radek lost the watch. At exactly the same moment, many hundreds of miles away, nine year old Rachel found a name sewn in a tiny, old glove – Albin Wawrowski! So unfolds an extraordinary adventure that has its beginnings in a snowy forest clearing in Poland, long before Radek and Rachel were even born…

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Photos by Steve Tanner

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Cast: Derek Frood, Jordan Whyte and Frank Wurzinger
Musician: Raphael Munt

Writer: Daniel Jamieson
Director: Nikki Sved
Designer: Trina Bramman
Composer & Musical Director: Harry Napier

Magic in more than one sense is on display in this exceptional piece of storytelling
The Stage
Theatre Alibi never talks down to, or patronises its young audience and this must have much to do with its success. [...] it was storytelling at its best. I doubt if I was the only one who left filled with wonder
The Cornishman
What makes Alibi so much better than other visiting theatre companies is that you never play for laughs. You tell stories, with humour included, but you take your audience to a higher level of enchantment and emotion
Bickleigh-on-Exe Primary

Writer's Note

Think of your most precious thing. Let’s say it’s a silver watch your granddad gave you. It’s a big, old-fashioned watch that hangs on a silver chain, very shiny, and when you wind the button on top it makes a delicious clicking sound. Somehow, as if by magic, it feels warm when you hold it, like your granddad has just passed it to you.

Then you lose it. At first you think it will turn up round the house but it’s not in any pocket or under any cushion. You start to look in more unusual places: behind the loo, in the fridge. Finally, in desperation, you search through the kitchen bin with your bare hands. But no, it’s nowhere to be found.

Several days go by and it dawns on you that you’ll never see that watch again. It’s gone, gone, gone and nothing you can do will ever bring it back. And it seems you can’t stop thinking about it. If only you could lay your hands on it right now and feel the clickiness of its button, the magic warmth of its silver case… but no, you can’t. And for a while, the very thought of it becomes a torture. What could possibly make you feel better? Nothing could replace that watch…

But imagine that there is one thing in the world just as precious, one thing just as special. What could it be? Where could it be? If only someone could find it and bring it to you right now, then everything might just be alright once more.

Daniel Jamieson