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Mucky Pup

By Daniel Jamieson

A funny and touching story about a very tidy boy, a very scruffy dog and a very special friendship…

The only thing Ben really likes is swimming. He likes the clean, clear water and swimming up and down the pool in his own lane with no-one bothering him. One weekend Ben’s Mum borrows Mrs Grainger’s great big, smelly, scruffy dog, Chatty. At first it’s a disaster – Chatty promptly wees on the carpet, puts dog hair everywhere and barks very loudly. But, somehow, a curious friendship is about to be forged…

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Photos by Steve Tanner

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Cast: Samuel Clayton, Simon Palmer & Cerianne Roberts
Musician: Lucía Sánchez de Haro

Writer: Daniel Jamieson
Director: Nikki Sved
Designer: Trina Bramman
Composer & Musical Director: Thomas Johnson
Lighting Designer: Dominic Jeffery
Production Manager: Elaine Faulkner
Design Assistant: Ruth Webb

Rarely does a show seem so perfectly formed.

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Writer's Note

Dogs, eh?! They just don’t care. They jump straight into life all four feet at once, even if it’s a muddy pond with a duck in the middle at that moment. They don’t care about what’ll happen next week or even next minute, they just care about what’s under their nose right now, especially if it’s something deliciously stinky. And if it’s something really cheesily stinky they might even roll on it so they can wear the smell all day. Like perfume. Pwor. And they make friends and enemies as easy as pie. No how-do-you-dos or awkward conversations about whether they like the same films or cereal, just a quick sniff and they’re away! And have you noticed many dogs in a bad mood? Unless they’re hurt or tired or separated from who or what they want, they ALWAYS seem happy.

The boy in our story, Ben, is about as un-doglike as you could possibly be. He HATES yuck of any sort – hates getting his hands dirty or his trainers muddy, he’s terrified of treading in dog poo, eating unwashed fruit and getting verrucas from the floor at the swimming pool. He uses up loads of his energy worrying about stuff that never even happens. And he just can’t figure out how to make friends, which is a shame because he’s actually really nice underneath it all.

Then Ben meets Chatty, the hairiest, stinkiest dog in the universe. How in the world is that going to work out?!

Daniel Jamieson