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Table Mates

By Daniel Jamieson

Six O’clock comes and three weary workers return to their cosy abode. With the barest of hellos, they take off their coats and put on their chefs whites. They are Starter, Main and Pudding and each night, without fail, they cook each other a delicious meal. Starter makes starter, Main makes main and Pudding makes pudding.

They soon set to work in the kitchen, dancing round each other like Morecambe and Wise making breakfast. Starter fashions an exquisite nibble of microscopic, but mouthwatering delight. Main conjures a dish that carries her heart home on a whiff of basil and lime. Pudding steams a duff the size of a football, so no-one need fear going hungry. Three cooks, three very different lives. Each course tells a story.

Theatre Alibi combine vivid storytelling, live music and a good old boogie to bring this funny and creative household to life.

Publicity Image

Table Mates Production Trailer
Photos by Steve Tanner

Tour Dates

Sun 14 Oct 2018

Watermans, London3:00pm |

Sat 10 Nov 2018

Exeter Phoenix [BSL Inerpreted]2:00pm |

Sat 10 Nov 2018

Exeter Phoenix4:00pm |

Sat 17 Nov 2018

the egg, Bath11:30am |

Sat 17 Nov 2018

the egg, Bath3:00pm |

Sun 18 Nov 2018

the egg, Bath11:30am |

Sun 18 Nov 2018

the egg, Bath3:00pm |

Wed 21 Nov 2018

Ladysmith Junior School7:00pm |

Thu 22 Nov 2018

Montgomery Primary School7:00pm |

Fri 23 Nov 2018

St Sidwells Primary School7:00pm |

Mon 26 Nov 2018

Countess Wear Primary School7:00pm |

Tue 27 Nov 2018

Pinhoe Primary School7:00pm |


Starter: Michael Wagg
Main: Jane Mason
Pudding: Joe Hall
Double Bass, Violin, Electric Violin (Nibbles): Emma Welton

Writer: Daniel Jamieson
Director: Nikki Sved
Designer: Trina Bramman
Composer & Musical Director: Thomas Johnson
Choreographer: Jane Mason
Design Assistant: Fi Russell
Production Manager & Lighting Designer: Racheal Duthie
AV Designer: Duncan Chave
Set Construction: David Elliot
Scenic Artist: Sally Holt
Graphic Designer: Joe Pieczenko
Photographer: Steve Tanner
Administrative & Finance Director: Mary Attewell
Executive Producer: Ruth Weyman
Marketing Manager: Deborah Bucella
Administrator: Annie Chave
Caretaker: Graeme Drew

I loved it from Starter to Pudding.
Child, St David's Primary School
Absolutely brilliant! Great family fun!
Audience Member

Writer's Note

Once upon a time, when I was 23, some friends and I started a theatre company together. It was hard work because we were all such different people. We disagreed about everything – what should our shows be about, should they be funny or serious, what colour should the publicity be…?


But at lunchtime it was different. Every day we would go back to someone’s house and take it in turns to cook for each other. So, while three people put their feet up and watched the TV, the other person would make some food for everyone.


At first the food was simple – bread and cheese or beans on toast, but then the meals got fancier and fancier. Spaghetti bolognese, curry and rice, even homemade pies! We took delight in surprising each other and giving each other a treat.


Then the clock would tell us it was time to go back to work and we’d start arguing again about what to do and how to do it and what shoes should our characters wear?


But I’ll always remember those lunchtimes, how happy we were cooking for each other and eating together, and how delicious was that incredible, homemade, lunchtime pie.


Table Mates is about four friends who live together, cook together and eat together. They are called Nibbles, Starter, Main and Pudding. Four more different people you could not imagine and yet, magically, come dinner time, they work together like pineapple on pizza or chilli in chocolate.

Daniel Jamieson