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By Daniel Jamieson

There’s something special about this old teapot. Put your ear to it. You can hear its secrets, things nobody else knows.

Why did Blinky the cat want to jump over the moon?
Where did Jack find his Mum’s recipe for success?
And who buried the teapot in the turnip patch?

Publicity Image

Photos by Steve Tanner

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Cast: Derek Frood, Daniel Jamieson & Jordan Whyte
Musician: Semay Wu

Writer: Daniel Jamieson
Director: Nikki Sved
Designer: Jenny Saunt
Composer & Musical Director: Harry Napier
Stage Manager: Marcus Bartlett
Design Assistant: Tina Bramman

Theatre Alibi’s mastery of inventive, unpretentious storytelling enthralled the audience
The Herald
A magical experience for all of us and a fantastic opportunity for pupils in a very small rural school to experience excellent theatre
Highhampton Primary

Writer's Note

Some old objects are special. The moment you look at them, you think, “I bet that’s seen a thing or two!” We had a very old toy dog on wheels like that, with a worn back from all the children who’d ridden on him and an endlessly patient look on his face. These objects just have this quiet, wise look about them, as if they’ve spent years watching the world go by, soaking up everything. They fascinate me. I start thinking, “If only there was some way I could find out what this object has seen in its long life…?

I know someone called Kate who has a beautiful old teapot in a glass case in her kitchen. It belonged to her mother and before that, to her mother’s mother. It’s a bit chipped and full of old recipes cut from 1920s Woman’s Weekliesfor things like rhubarb champagne and tomato jam. This teapot is one of the wisest looking things I’ve ever seen. Again there’s that burning curiosity to know what it knows. Seeing as I haven’t found a magic way of tuning into objects yet, I’ve done the next best thing and imagined I can! That’s what this show is all about…

Daniel Jamieson