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Wild One

By Daniel Jamieson

Some people said Bloss was naughty, “…a little monkey,” they called her. But right from the start, all she ever wanted to do was climb. Trees, houses, mountains – you name it, she wanted to climb it. She didn’t see the world the same way other people did. Nothing got in her way, and that got her in a whole heap of trouble until, one day, she met Mordechai Paxo, teacher and climber extraordinaire…

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Photos by Tim Cuff

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Cast: Derek Frood, Vic Lllewellyn and Jordan Whyte
Musician: Jules Brown

Writer: Daniel Jamieson
Director: Nikki Sved
Designer: Trina Bramman
Composer & Musical Director: Ian Wellens

Outstanding. The show had everyone from the youngest child to the oldest adult spellbound
Woodbury Primary School

Writer's Note

People are full of all sorts of amazing things they could do, if only they were given half a chance. The boy sitting in front of you could be a world-class, Olympic pole-vaulter; the lady over there could be a first-rate, key-hole heart surgeon – but their whole life might go by without a chance to do the things they were put on this Earth to do…

All most people saw when they looked at Bloss Butler was a naughty little girl who wouldn’t sit still and do as she was told. But trapped inside her was a girl who could climb higher, faster and more daringly than anyone had ever done before. She just needed one special person to set her free.

Daniel Jamieson