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St Thomas Stories; ePostcards

After postponing  ‘St Thomas Stories; The Show’ we wanted to think of a way to connect with our St Thomas neighbours. Each week we will be sending out a postcard with gems all about St Thomas. Take a look below at what we have created so far.

If you would like to keep in touch with Theatre Alibi, and in particular receive our St Thomas postcards, please email hattie@theatrealibi.co.uk to be added to Theatre Alibi’s mailing list (as opposed to clicking ‘subscribe’ in the postcard links below).

Plus, if you have any stories or photos that you would like to share, we’d love to see them and we could maybe share them in a future postcard!


Week 1 – Introduction – Click Here

Week 2 – Floods – Click Here

Week 3 – Growing up in St Thomas – Click Here

Week 4 – Speedway – Click Here

Week 5 – St Thomas Today – Click Here

Week 6 – Refuge –  Click Here

Week 7 – VE Day – Click Here

Week 8 – Shops – Click Here

Week 9 – Shops Part 2 – Click Here

Week 10 – Bonfires – Click Here

Week 11 – A question for you! – Click Here

Week 12 – St Thomas in Lockdown – Click Here

Week 13 – Bonfires again! – Click Here 

Week 14 – Chip Shops – Click Here

Week 15 – Football – Click Here

Week 16 – Pets of St Thomas – Click Here

Week 17 – Flowerpots – Click Here

Week 18 – St Thomas Story Tours – Click Here

Week 19 – Emmanuel Hall – Click Here

Week 20 – ST THOMAS STORY TOURS countdown – Click Here

Week 21 – A look back at ‘St Thomas Story Tours’ – Click Here 

Week 22 – Sue Milford’s Story – Click Here 

Week 23 – Christiana Medley and John Bacon Jr – Click Here

Week 24 – The old County Ground – Click Here

Week 25 – How did ‘St Thomas’ get its name? – Click Here

Week 26 – St Thomas Shops Today – Click Here

Week 27 – A catch-up of 2020 – Click Here


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