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St Thomas Together International Celebration

The International Celebration hosted by St Thomas Together is a free community get together run by St Thomas residents who are keen to welcome everyone, no matter their background. This is an event with inclusivity at its heart, celebrating the diversity in our local community and is based on the idea of coming together to eat and share delicious homemade food from around the world. Each year volunteers bring an array of vegetarian food from their country of origin; we’ve seen dishes from Holland, Italy, Syria and many others…

On top of this, at the past four celebrations St Thomas Together have welcomed live performance and a variety of other activities. There have been belly dancers, Syrian music, folk music, South American music, Bangladeshi music, a children’s area, storytelling, art activities, local history displays, theatre events and charity stalls spilling out of the hall to the outside…

This year St Thomas Together are partnering with us here at Theatre Alibi – a lovely way to come together to make a big splash over the same weekend, creating a real sense of celebration and togetherness in St Thomas.

Pop into the Methodist Church on the 9th July and help yourself a delicious plate of food from all over the world – with donations welcome. If you wish to get involved and volunteer at the International Celebration, please contact St Thomas Together via their email stthomastogether@gmail.com.

Please note, The International Celebration is not a forum for political discussion or debate, including the display of worn or carried logos that indicate political affiliations. If you do not comply with this you may be asked to leave.

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