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Support Us

This is a time of huge change for the company and we would love your support to help us bring our plans to life. You can read more about our recent announcement detailing these plans here. 

But as you might’ve heard, our hope is to open our doors here at Emmanuel Hall to all of you – and create a Centre For the Imagination, a space for discovery where children’s imaginations can run free. We will transform the place, with small people in mind, and have a performance space catering specifically for them, where we present a programme of work for families to enjoy. There will be workshops happening in the building, in music, drama, writing and more, interactive art installations and a whole host of projects which put our children’s creativity front and centre and help each one of them, individually, discover just what they’re capable of.  

So, with all these changes in motion, we would love you to be part of making our big and exciting plans a reality! Your donations will go towards transforming our home Emmanuel Hall, into a magical space for children and young people, contributing towards refurbishment costs, as well as new equipment we will need so we can open this building to the standards our community deserves.  

No matter how small your donation, we are incredibly grateful for your support!