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‘Story Packs’ for vulnerable children in Devon

In July and August 2020 we raised money for special Story Packs to be given to vulnerable children throughout Devon and Somerset. These packs are being distributed via schools and foodbanks to those particularly hard-hit by the effects of the pandemic. At a time when many children are suffering real hardship and isolation, stories and imaginative play can be a precious lifeline.

Each pack contained a special book and everything needed for a creative activity. Our Designer, Trina Bramman created a kit to make a fantastic flying bird puppet and our Associate Writer, Daniel Jamieson, penned a wonderful story ‘Blank Bird’ about the little bird, which was also beautifully illustrated by Trina. Also included in the pack are colouring pencils, glue and child friendly scissors.

With the generous support of 76 people we surpassed our target of £1750 and in total raised £1784. This means that over 550 Story Packs have been given to vulnerable families throughout Devon.

As a gift from Theatre Alibi to you, we’d love to share ‘Blank Bird’ from the Story Packs. Download your own copy here.

our supporters

We want to say a huge thank you to every single one of you who have donated and proudly list the names of those who donated over £15 below. Those of you who chose to donate anonymously and could not be listed below, thank you too, your kindness was essential in helping us reach our targets.

Carole Zawalnyski
Felicity Liggins
Rachel Sutton
Jenny L
Jonathan Gower
Jane Mason
David Lindesay
Frank Brett
Annemarie MacDonald
Nigel Collins & Pip Collins
Kathleen Lindesay
Tommy H
Erika Botkai
Mikey Brett
Kath and John
R Mayho
Elizabeth Robinson
Clare and Michael
Agi and Ronnie
Tib and Mari
Boudicca Woodland

If you donated over £30 and haven’t yet received your Theatre Alibi postcards and would like to, please get in touch by emailing info@theatrealibi.co.uk.