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Warp & Weft, storytelling & weaving workshop

Weaving has always been a part of our human story. The process of weaving and its links with story-telling are many thousands of years old and exist across all cultures. The rhythms and repetitions of weaving can absorb and engage us, releasing us from anxiety.

Warp & Weft work in the community using wool and words to weave diverse stories and experiences into the fabric of our city. Our projects connect us to our pasts, presents, futures, and to each other as we spin our yarns and weave our tales. We are a Exeter UNESCO City of Literature approved project.

As part of the Festival of St Thomas Stories we are offering participatory workshops to use simple weaving techniques to make beautiful objects in a relaxed and reflective session. In particular, we will make Ojo de Dios or ‘Eyes of God’ in different sizes, weaving around natural materials.  Most sources agree that this technique originated in western Mexico and the eyes have traditionally held ritual power as protective objects.


We know how uncertain things can be at the moment, so if you cannot attend your workshop due to an issue related to COVID-19, you will be able to receive a refund on your ticket.


There is the opportunity for you to let us know about any access requirements you have during the booking process. The workshop space is wheelchair accessible and carers are provided with a free ticket.

Workshop length: 2 hours


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