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Centre For The Imagination

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This is a time of huge change for Theatre Alibi. We all know that change can be terrifying and exciting all at once and, mostly, change is absolutely brimming with possibility… 

Over the past few months, we’ve spent time looking carefully at our values, what makes us tick and what impact we want to have as we plan a new, and very different, future. We’ve been making theatre for over 40 years. You might have seen us on the Northcott Stage, your children may have come home talking about us being in their school that day or, maybe even, you saw us in your own school hall, a little while ago.

Whatever your story, you will know that an important part of our work has always been about giving children’s imagination the special place it deserves, and our strong sense is, that just now, children aren’t getting enough of those magical opportunities to be inspired and express themselves. So, we’ve been hatching some plans and we’d love to share our dream with you.  

Our home is Emmanuel Hall, a beautiful old building just off Okehampton Road in Exeter. Our hope is to open its doors to all of you – to create a centre for discovery where children’s imaginations can run free. We will transform the place, with small people in mind, and have a performance space catering specifically for them, where we present a programme of work for families to enjoy. There will be workshops happening in the building, in music, drama, writing and more, interactive art installations and a whole host of projects which put our children’s creativity front and centre and help each one of them, individually, discover just what they’re capable of.  

Our aim is to bring together professional artists, makers and teachers to create a place which will inspire young minds, and which says “You matter. You’ve got this”.  

So, keep watching this space and we will keep sharing our transformations, our plans and our dreams. And in the Autumn of 2023 we will be inviting you in to have your say, and to imagine the future with us for a while.  

As ever, if you’d like to stay informed and be top of the invite list, sign up to our mailing list. 

We hope to welcome you in very soon,  

The Alibi Team 

Film and Illustration by Katy Welsh
Centre For The Imagination

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