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Down to Earth

By Daniel Jamieson

Touring to Primary Schools

A response to 2020, ‘Down to Earth’ tells the story of Janet, an astronaut who has had enough of being in space. Feeling cooped up, missing the people she loves and fearful of the constant danger, she decides to make a run for it. In desperation, she heads for home in her little space pod. Only she gets her sums horribly wrong and finds herself in a primary school playground….

In an unprecedented year, the project offers a valuable opportunity to support your pupils’ well-being, as Janet’s experiences will almost certainly echo their own. Janet, the astronaut, will spend 30 minutes with every class in your school, showing the children fascinating items she’s brought from the space station and telling them her extraordinary story.

Pupils will get an added insight into Janet’s space adventure with two specially created, beautiful animations for classes to watch together before and after her visit. As ever, our work will be accompanied by a full educational resource pack.

We are currently offering the online and interactive version of this show so that your children can engage safely with Janet’s story on their return to school or, for those who must, from the comfort of their own home.

“It will open up some great conversations as [the children] draw parallels with the situation they are currently living in…Thanks for putting together such a well thought out programme, with great resources and easy access for all” Teacher at Sticklepath Primary


Digital ‘Down to Earth’ Trailer:

The journey behind ‘Down to Earth’ in schools:

Watch the beginning of Janet’s story:



Cast & Crew:

Down To Earth Cast & Crew

All photographs used in the performance are the copyright of Visible Earth, a catalogue of NASA images and animations of our home planet (https://visibleearth.nasa.gov/)




In association with

Rehearsal Photos by Ben Borley. Production photos by Lisa Heledd Jones

Tour Dates

Oct 2020 - Spring 2021 |


Writer – Daniel Jamieson

Director – Nikki Sved

Designer – Trina Bramman

Performer – Kirsty Cox

Performer – Jane Mason

Performer – Laura Free

Assistant Designer – Fi Russell

Production Manager – Rachael Duthie

Digital Creative Consultant – Fiona Rourke

Digital Facilitator – Sam Osborne

Costume Maker – Tabitha Carter


Writer and Narrator – Daniel Jamieson

Director – Nikki Sved

Animator – Luke Hagan

Illustrations – Trina Bramman

Composer and Musician – Tom Johnson

Narration recorded by Duncan Chave

"It will open up some great conversations as [the children] draw parallels with the situation they are currently living in...Thanks for putting together such a well thought out programme, with great resources and easy access for all"
Teacher at Sticklepath Primary
"The children…very much could relate to [Janet’s] experiences and they were confident when sharing their own thoughts and feelings throughout the performance"
Teacher at St David's
"They refer to it as ‘the virus that doesn’t go away’ … So it’s nice to have that visit...to bring joy to their faces and the excitement that they had this morning" 
Teacher at Clyst St Mary Primary School