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Hammer & Tongs

By Daniel Jamieson

Hammer & Tongs digs deep into the human compulsion to argue the toss. Two men and a woman quibble, tiptoe into tiffs, debate high-mindedly, negotiate shoals of red herrings, take offence and descend into glorious, undignified, disgraceful, bad behaviour. From farcical fisticuffs at a wedding disco to squabbling for control of the TV remote, Hammer & Tongs presents a very human comedy – physical, funny, absurd, musical, moving, and absolutely bloody-minded…

Publicity Image

Hammer & Tongs Reviews Trailer
Photos by Steve Tanner

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Cast: Derek Frood, Michael Wagg & Jordan Whyte
Musician: Thomas Johnson

Writer: Daniel Jamieson
Director: Nikki Sved
Designer: Trina Bramman
Composer & Musical Director: Thomas Johnson
Lighting Designer: Dominic Jeffery
Sound Designer: Duncan Chave
Company Stage Manager: Elaine Faulkner
Technical Manager: Amy Spencer
Design Assistants: Ruth Webb & Sarah Vigars

This highly physical show is intelligently devised as the actors engage, entertain and intrigue…
The Stage
Theatre Alibi has established a firm reputation for its inventive and vivid stage productions and Hammer & Tongs is no exception.
Bristol Evening Post

Writer's Note

Hammer and Tongs is one long snake of an argument that twists and turns but never quite stops.

It’s in the nature of really good barney that once it properly gets going there’s no telling where it might end up. We took this thought a step further and played with the idea that all arguments might actually be insanely inter-connected, that once you’ve descended into the Labyrinth of Discord you might be able to visit any other argument in the world as if by the secret tunnels in a game of Cluedo. And the choice of destinations would be vast because people get stuck in to each other everywhere you look – from Pennsylvania to Purley, in playgrounds and high courts, at home with the kids and even deep inside our souls – we argue.

But what might be discovered from all this rowing? However impassioned, isn’t most of it nonsense? Perhaps, but surely one thing common to most arguments is that those involved must care enough about something to fight over it. Rows are evidence of conviction. They might be maddening, saddening, exhausting and dignity-shredding but surely they’re inevitable between people who care about things and aren’t clones of each other. It would be eerie if the arguing ever stopped, a sign that nobody gave a monkey’s about anything at all anymore.

So aggro is probably here to stay and we’ve got to learn to lump it, and, of course, one of the best ways of lumping it is to laugh at it. Fortunately that’s quite easy because it already contains most of the base ingredients of comedy – absurdity, loss of dignity and shouting stupid things very seriously at the tops of our voices. …

Daniel Jamieson