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Rosie Race

Alibi Supports 2019


About Rosie

Rosie is a Performer, Writer and Theatre Maker based in Totnes, South Devon. Having recently graduated with an MA in Ensemble and Laboratory Theatre at RADA she is now creating her first full length solo work which will tour in spring 2020. Rosie also works as a community arts facilitator and applied theatre artist. Her most recent project ‘Tomorrow, Another Day,’ explored stories of loss and grief with female identifying, non-performers, over 50.

What is Rosie developing?


Have you ever wondered how to hold yourself as though someone else is holding you?

Rosie has.

Rosie is an intimacy addict and lonely women. Part child, part oracle, she invites shadow to take a seat at her table. Taking a sharp knife to the onion of personal and global grief, she laments the layers of our loss to reveal a recipe for healing. This is a darkly comic piece about denial coming back to bite you. If you love Hitchcock, the smell of a lover’s laundry and planet earth then you will like this show.

Expect a riot of poetic image, a smattering of confession and a bit too much cake.

What is your process?

My work starts with a lot of day dreaming, and then I read and write. I make hundreds of spider diagrams in an attempt to make sense of the thoughts and images flying around my head. I listen to a lot of music, loudly, through headphones with my eyes closed imagining things on a grand scale. Then I gather materials of all sorts and begin to play in the space – which is when characters and action begin to emerge.

Working as a solo artist can often be a lonely place. I cannot make work within a vacuum and feel the need to talk a lot about what I am doing, sharing it so it can be reflected back to me with clarity. This way, things can bounce and grow. Just the act of explaining or expressing what I’m trying to do distills it, hopefully propelling it into the next moment.

What do you hope to gain from Alibi Supports?

I feel extremely lucky to have been offered this rich opportunity – as an independent artist it feels like a huge luxury to have these resources. Having a dedicated space to work in for several weeks means I can fully immerse myself in the making, with this in mind, I am hoping to finish my show during this period. I feel pretty astonished that I am going to have the opportunity to discuss my work with Nikki, the Artistic Director. It is slightly scary because there is still a vulnerability to my practice compared to Alibi’s extensive expertise in storytelling, but mostly I am intrigued and excited to learn from her. Having another eye in the room will be a huge support.

Producing is a different challenge to the making all together and something I haven’t trained in. I know that focused advice from Pilar will take my practical knowledge to a new level broadening my show’s potential by demystifying the nitty-gritty of producing and touring work.

Oh, and getting my hands on (some of) the costume cupboard feels like a kid being let loose in a sweet shop!



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