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The Alibi Exchange: Your Favourite Book / Story

This week’s challenge for The Alibi Exchange is all about books and stories! Here is Kirsty Cox to tell you more about this week’s challenge:

Read what Kirsty had to say here, and follow this week’s instructions: 

Our show, I Believe in Unicorns, has the most amazing librarian in it. She’s one of those people  (you might know the sort), who tells stories so brilliantly that you can see the whole thing happening in front of you! Even children who think that they don’t like stories can’t help but listen. Michael Morpurgo, who wrote I Believe In Unicorns, is a bit like that. When he comes to see us, he tells us stories and we all gather round. We never want him to stop! Michael makes you love the stories he loves.

So, here’s our challenge for this week! Tell us all about a story or a book you love in 30 seconds and film yourself

OR If you prefer, you can write us a short letter about it

OR you can draw a picture of it.

To get you started, the cast of ‘I Believe In Unicorns’ have all taken on the 30 second challenge! Have a look at all of their films below!

Send your films, letters and pictures to info@theatrealibi.co.uk and we’ll share lots of them on our website.  We’re really looking forward to seeing what you do and then we’ll all be able to read the stories you love!

If the files you are trying to send are too large to send over email, please send via WeTransfer to info@theatrealibi.co.uk. For a quick 'How to' guide on WeTransfer  click here

If you have any questions, or any difficulties accessing any of the materials, please do let us know and get in touch with hattie@theatrealibi.co.uk.


View some of the 30 second challenges we received