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Skate Jam by The Boarding House

Established in 1984, The Boarding House has the community at its heart with skateboarding and action sports at its roots. Rider owned and run; The Boarding House has always been a place for a diverse range of voices to be heard. Their mission is to nurture action sports and support the community through exchanging experiences, ideas and providing the latest and best the skate industry has to offer.

Bringing together the finest parts of skate culture and street fashion The Boarding House has been kitting out skaters for over 30 years. From professionals, seasoned pros to first-timers, they are focused on catering and supporting everybody.

As part of the Festival of St Thomas Stories they will be organising and hosting one of their legendary Skate Jams at Flowerpot Skatepark. Built in 2003 Flowerpot Skatepark is key to the skating community because it features a variety of obstacles and it size allows skaters to be creative.

To get involved in the Skate Jam please email The Boarding House at info@bohoexeter.com, follow us on instagram or visit our website.

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